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Trading Psychology :

Placing capital at risk in the markets will often evoke an emotional and psychological response. Fear of losing; fear of winning; fear of the unknown – these are just some of the forces at play in your subconscious as you are placing and managing trades. Most traders don’t realise the extent to which these forces distort judgment and negatively affect trading. Not knowing what these are and, more importantly, not knowing how to overcome these powerful emotions is one of the leading causes of failure in trading.
Anyone can have the world’s greatest strategy, but you will only see consistently positive results if the rules are clearly defined and adhered to, without the interference of emotion. Those who can understand and master their own emotions, have an undoubtable advantage over those who cannot.

The Trading Psychology Course:

Our Trading Psychology Course is a thorough online programme, designed to emphasise a practical psychological modal of how the human mind interprets information and then elicits its emotional response. This eight-hour immersive course is taught in modulated short videos broken down in to Parts 1 and 2. Each module requires that you complete tasks and exercises before moving further in the curriculum.
Part 1 of the course provides the overarching psychology theory that is pivotal in your understanding of this essential topic. It also details the different emotional drivers, into which all human behaviour can be categorised. You will learn the reasons for certain thoughts, the predictable responses to common emotions, and most importantly, how to deal with unwanted trading behaviour.
In Part 2, now that you have gone through and understood the theory, you will learn enhanced and carefully crafted mind management strategies, which can be tailored for everyone individually and employed with immediate effect.

The strategy portion of the course will explore:

  1. Mental preparation before trading
  2. Dealing with emotional sabotage during trading
  3. Uncovering unhelpful beliefs and re-wiring your belief system

Psychological fitness is much like physical fitness. It requires constant awareness, determination, and exercise. We invite you to enroll in this challenging, thought-provoking course.

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