Findmystocks : A Stock Investment Web Apps Tool

Findmystocks : A Stock Investment Web Apps Tool


  • This course doesn’t require any prior stock investment knowledge but having a bit of exposure is always helpful before you take this course


Stock investment has been a major component of any one personal finance. Given the weightage of stock investment, This course is designed to provide a sustainable investment method including assistance from todays world web application (Findmystocks) This course is about knowing the basics of stock market investment tool called Findmystocks. This course talk about delivery based stock investment to generate profit on daily basis… This course has video lectures and supporting application Findmystocks screen walkthrough. This course typically takes 30 min. It will allow the user to conversant of the underlying fundamental principle of stock investment and it conclude with how a software application called Findmystocks can be used for automating the stock investment process.

This tool and investment strategy used in the past has given immense confidence on stock investment and thus I created the course for others to get benefited. I encourage each of you to go over the topics and see how this tool and its investment strategy can be leveraged in your personal finance.

Who this course is for:

  • This course of anyone who has interest in generating passive income from stock market. The web apps is developed only for Indian stock market for now but can be extended based on the need basis
  • For any Indian national in case they want to use the web apps to drive their stock investment
  • In general the technique shared quite general in nature and can be applicable in any stock market

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