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Meet The Founders

Hi, my name is Angelo Ciaramello. I’m a 24 year old Entrepreneur from New Jersey. I’ve always been big on finding what’s next. Constantly I looked to make money by solving problems around me from a young age. The problems became bigger and the hours became longer but my passion for continuously improving as an entrepreneur have only grown.

I was lead to work early on in life and felt pride in doing good work. From Deli Counter to Delivery Driver to College Internships to IT Analyst, over time I begin to develop a sense of work ethic and acquire the skills necessary to consistently work effectively. These jobs have taught me valuable life lessons, allowing me to use a passion for creating and executing solutions to problems both simple and complex. They are also where I decided I would never settle and do whatever it takes to found my own company.

I first started investing at 18 years old using the platform “USAA” with money I worked for and saved up. I was excited to buy stock in Alibaba, Apple, Facebook and other Nasdaq stocks; over time gaining %’s that made me realize the power of investing. During this initial success in the markets; I was continuing on toward a Bachelors Degree at Rutgers University while majoring in Information Technology. Throughout the next couple years I kept up with the fundamentals of the markets out of curiosity despite my main focus being University.

While running an e-commerce website I found the Forex market during the winter of 2018 and took a deep interest in the “art”of technical analysis. I had a $900 day in my first week of live trading which quickly convinced me to go all in.

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