Multi Time Frame Trend Indicator (MTFT)

Multi Time Frame Trend Indicator (MTFT)


  • Basic knowledge of Stock and / Or Option Markets

  • Basic knowledge of Technical Analysis indicators, although these are provided in the course


While identifying trends for any Stock or Index, the current trend is important. Plotting the current trend on a Chart with various indicators can give us a decent idea of the current trend.

But what’s really helpful is if we can spot trends ACROSS MULTIPLE TIMEFRAMES . Because if you can identify a stock whose trend is aligned across several timeframes, the confidence level increases substantially, and the probability of success in the trade also increases substantially.

But this is not simple, unless you’re plotting multiple charts with multiple timeframes on your trading screens, which generally tends to cloud out the analysis. Even then, we still lack insights to evaluate if the stock trend is indeed aligned across several timeframes.

Please watch the Preview videos of the Multi Time Frame Trend indicator in action.

Who this course is for:

  • All Option traders looking to Swing Trade with a time frame of 1 to 4 weeks
  • All Stock and / Or ETF traders looking to swing trade in Stocks

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