Options trading - how to exchange time for income

Options trading - how to exchange time for income


  • Student should have PC and internet connection

  • Have a wish to learn financial markets trading


Hi folks!

I am super-exited, that you decided to stop by this course!

This course is free of charge and produced specially for everyone, who is interested in options trading.

It is foundation course to meet you with the options trading, in terms of options time decay, how you can utilize this process for creating a consistent return. Basic options features uncovered here, as well as money management rules for options trader portfolio, and Thinkorswim trading platform overview!

We will have a journey through general directional trading idea, magic of options, why options on futures are better than options on stocks, how time decay works and who else (commodity trading advisors) trade options to create consistent return.

This course will be useful for:

  • Forex and stock market traders (to explore new possibilities in trading),

  • Stock market options traders - to compare options on futures contracts benefits,

  • Open minded people to touch new knowledge (especially if it is given away for free),

After this course , you’ll be able to:

  • Touch new approach of trading,

  • Adopt options time decay vehicle and keep learning,

  • Or just keep exploring the universe - and that is not the worst option!

Will see you in the class!

Digitally yours, Alex!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone, who would like to know the options trading basics
  • Forex traders, stock traders - to bring experience to higher level

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