SGX Nifty indicates a flat to positive opening for Indian markets Nov 25

SGX Nifty indicates a flat to positive opening for Indian markets

SGX Nifty is at 13,178.20 levels, up 11.75 points. (Updated at 7:40 AM)

The Nifty saw another smart rally closing well over 13000 as foreign buying saw its highest ever single month inflows touching almost US$ 5 billion to date.

The sheer strength of liquidity can see stocks rise much beyond fair value as the feeling of left out dominates most foreign investors.

For today, expect industrial stocks to continue to dominate with pharma also adding to the gains.

US Market: US markets end at record highs as Dow Jones crosses 30000 while Nasdaq also jumps over 150 points.

Bond yields rise to 0.88% even as oil prices see best month of the year with WTI crude closing above US$45.

Gold prices see further decline as Bitcoin hits 4 year highs.

Risk on trade in all asset classes gets full blown as liquidity chases returns.

Asian Market: Asian markets opened in the green led by the Japanese Nikkei, which traded higher by another 500 points after yesterday’s 600 points gains as liquidity sees stocks outperform.

South Korean Kospi has been the star index in Asian markets & continues to hit multi year highs as money chases returns.

Chinese stocks will see more traction as they have under performed in November till date.